So you have made an app and it has been published into the Apple and Google Play stores, now the marketing adventure begins. Your plan is to get downloads as we described here in our article How to Get Your Customers to Download Your App(link). To further build the rapport between customer engagement, yourself and your app. Push Notifications, Geo-Fencing and Beacon Messages are necessary to keep yourself relevant.


Here are some trendy examples of Push Notifications that will pique your customer’s interest.


  • “Show your app at the door for free entrance tonight to see The Rock Stars!”
  • “Show your app to your server to get a free appetizer for the table.”
  • “Show your app to the cashier – and get a free gift today!”


Selling items through mobile commerce or through food through services such as Online Orders Now is another viable way to track how well your push notifications are performing.


When you send out push notifications they can expire so they are good for a specific time.


  • “Show the coupon to your server for a free drink today with lunch.”pushnotification_burgerpalace
  • “Show your coupon for 10% off on your dinner this Monday night.”
  • “Get a raffle ticket at the door for prize draws when you show our app tonight!”
  • “Use this coupon code for half off an item of your choice!”


push_notifications_amourstylesThese are examples on how you can measure your app growth by seeing how many times your offers
are redeemed. When you send your push notifications, send them at different times when you first start out. For example, see if you get better results by sending push notifications out early in the day rather
than sending messages out at 4 PM. See what works and does not work for your business by recording this data.


You can also promote your app and send out push notifications with a Call to Action that is trackable so you can see that your app is working.