Incentives, the key word to getting your customer to download your app. Customers are driven to do things when they are given a great offer. The idea is to turn your customer who is new or returning into a repeat loyal client.


Here are a few suggestions that Cabaret Apps has to offer:


  • Banner ad on your website, Facebook page or any other social media page that your business is on.
  • Make a specific landing page for your app – Cabaret Apps can help with that.
  • Have signage at your business, coasters, posters, menu blurbs or even on receipts that display offers to the customer about what they will receive when they download your app.


Here are some example offers:


  • “Download our app and get $5 off a pizza –just join our mailing list-“
  • “Download our app and get a free appetizer with your lunch or dinner!”
  • “Download our app and get free entrance into the club.”
  • “Download our app and get $5.00 of your next car wash.”
  • “Download our app and get 15% off of your next purchase.”


How to set up the mailing list:


  • Set up a new list in your mail client, i.e. MailChimp, GoDaddy, Constant Contact, etc.
  • Set up an auto-responder so that when someone first joins the list from your app the auto responder will send them a coupon or offer. You can edit this as often as you would like.


coaster layout

We offer digital marketing services, print services and more to help you promote your app, just send us an email – and we will give you a call to help you promote your app!